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New Genre of Music on NG!

2010-05-08 14:59:17 by Nofets

So I was thinking that they should make a new one called... "Epic Compositions." Then I could post a masterpiece!!

I ordered my keyboard!!

2009-09-13 20:33:37 by Nofets

Korg M3 61 key! $1899 from guitar center. The UPS folks came by on Friday, but no one was home, so Monday it is!!!!!

I'm not trying to knock anyone out there, but I don't really see a lot of uniqueness in the production nowadays. All the way from the top of the game, down to the individual that just got his or her first copy of Fruity Loops(REASON!). I make it MY POINT to be different. Even if ALL of my beats sound the same, you can pick them out of a lineup of 100 producers and be like "HEY! Thats a Fets beat!" Maybe I'm trippin. Maybe I'm getting older (07-23.... happy birthday to me!). Maybe I have NO IDEA what I'm talking about. It all makes sense in my world. Why dont you come and be a part of it? The grass is really green over here.....

My name is Nofets, and I approve this message.

STOP IT! Right damn NOW! Get on this Propellerhead Reason or suffer the consequences!

Hi haters

2009-06-14 20:06:01 by Nofets

My genre is the most hated on in this venue. I love being an underdog. I know I dont suck, so keep hating because it only makes me work harder for your hatred!

Hi haters


2009-05-18 18:19:34 by Nofets

To everybody who likes what I do. Much appreciated.


2009-04-12 21:56:58 by Nofets

You know who you are. Dont quit your day job.

I'm Back

2009-03-16 17:02:23 by Nofets

So I'm back from the Middle East. I made a lot of tracks while I was out there, some good, some REALLY good, and some not so good. Either way, I'm moving from Hawaii to North Carolina in a couple of weeks, so I'll be posting the beats I made over the past year and I will have new ones to come in the upcoming months. Chea!!


2008-06-12 14:17:33 by Nofets

I got beats, plenty beats. But I'm not posting beats for a while. Going on vacation. Land of endless sand. Arabian Nights. Arabian Days. 7 months. Do what I was trained to do. See me when I get back.

Audio submissions by Nofets

2008-05-10 00:28:46 by Nofets

My sound is different. It's supposed to be. If I made music that sounded like something that you've already heard, I'd just be... like everyone else. Thats not my goal. So I understand either you're going to love it or hate it. Critiques are welcome and encouraged. If I perfect what I'm trying to do then watch out, because you'll be hearing a lot more of me and less of the musically challenged assholes that you hear on your local radio station. Chea!! Nofets!!